Yuan Gong movements and meditations are designed to augment Qi energy flow and to clear blockages in the body. In Yuan Gong, and many other Chinese traditions, Qi is understood to flow through the body along pathways. Where the pathways meet the surface of the body are points and gates (shown below with their Chinese names: Yin Tang, Yu Zhen, etc.).  

Certain parts of the body and certain bodily functions can either enhance or impede the flow of Qi. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the Triple Burner or “Sanjiao” (Upper, heart and lungs; Middle, stomach, liver, gallbladder; and Lower, kidneys, intestines, bladder, reproductive organs) is of primary importance for the transportation and penetration of Qi.  

In addition to transporting Qi, there are reservoirs for gathering and storing Qi.  These are known as the Three Dantians. They exist in the form of Qi. Dantians do not have a physical form and they share the space with the physical organs in their locations.  

The diagram below shows how Yuan Gong defines the Three Dantians and Sanjiao.

Detailed Explanation of Movements

Instructional Video

You can practice along with this video. As you become familiar with the movements, you can do more and more of your practice with eyes closed.

You can download the video from this page.