Path to Inner Harmony – Be the Master of Your State – Series 1


In March 2020, Yuan Tze gave the first of six highly anticipated workshops on becoming the master of one’s state. The first three workshops constitute Series I of this set and focus on the foundations of achieving mastery: being relaxed, calm, and natural. In each workshop Yuan Tze explores the importance of one of the foundations of life, the barriers we face in attaining it, and what we can do to surmount the barriers. The teachings deepen the learning of Ren Xue and are a complement to Ren Xue Yuan Qigong.

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✅ Over 10 hours of videos
✅ Download the audios and transcripts
✅ Lifetime access

Benefit from these opportunities:

▶️ Learn more about being relaxed, calm and natural
▶️ Improve your health and wellbeing
▶️ Learn directly from Yuan Tze

A good state plays a crucial role in our health, quality of life, and growth. In this REN XUE course, Yuan Tze shares his wisdom on the essential elements of a good state—being relaxed, calm, and natural. You will learn how to cultivate and master your ability to create and maintain this healthy and harmonious state.

This series helps you develop effective strategies for coping with stress and improving your general wellbeing.

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