Who is eligible?
People living in North or South America who could not attend the event without financial assistance.

Guidelines for applying
The Financial Assistance Fund is a very limited fund donated by generous individual Ren Xue practitioners. It is intended to help those truly unable to attend the event without financial support. We are asking you to refrain from applying if you have the necessary funds in the form of savings or if you can find other means of assistance through family or friends.

It is not possible for us to make a true assessment of your needs because financial situations are complex. This is why we are asking you to make that assessment yourself. Please take time to reflect on your situation, as your decision will affect others.

What the funds are for
Each Financial Assistance recipient will receive an equal amount. Financial Assistance is not a cash award. It will be applied towards the recipient’s registration fees. Recipients are expected to follow the schedule for registration and payments as outlined in the Financial Assistance Schedule.

Keep track of the schedule posted below. Once you hear back from the Financial Assistance Committee, you’ll need to follow the schedule. All payments need to be received by the dates posted below. 

Financial Assistance is made possible by the generous contributions of donors to the Financial Assistance Fund. All prices are in US Dollars.

Financial Assistance Schedule

Deadline What’s Due Amount
June 15, 2023 DEADLINE TO APPLY for financial assistance (FA).   
July 1, 2023 RECIPIENTS NOTIFIED by email. Recipients will receive equal amounts ($200 USD)
July 15, 2024 PAYMENT DUE Full payment must be received by this date. BALANCE DUE ($375 USD)
July 16 – August 1, 2024 LATE PAYMENT
If payment deadline was missed, late fee applies.
+ $50 fee


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