Build a Healthy Relationship with Yourself and Others Harmony Workshop with Yuan Tze October 18, 2020 PDT

Harmony is the ultimate manifestation of a healthy relationship born out of unification. Internally, it is the relationship between Jing, Qi, and Shen and the relationship with oneself. Externally, it is one’s relationship with all, including other people, other forms of life, objects, nature, and the universe.

During this workshop, Yuan Tze will guide you through what harmony means and the benefits it can bring.

You will also learn how to achieve harmony in all these relationships so that you may deepen your state further. You’ll discover more about how the harmonious state is not only extremely beneficial for all aspects of life but, most importantly, creates fertile conditions for the True Self to come forward and manifest its realization and wisdom.

In joining this event, you will be immersed in the strong Qifield not only created and nurtured by Yuan Tze but also strengthened by the global REN XUE community who are on this journey together. In this strong Qifield, you will have the opportunity to truly experience harmony.

Are you ready to learn how to cultivate and master your ability to create and maintain this healthy and harmonious state? Learn more and Register.

Global Awakening Day ~ October 3, 2020 (PDT)

Join world renowned teacher and healer, Yuan Tze, for a special ceremony on GLOBAL AWAKENING DAY. Followed by Q&A with Already Free film cast, Dorrie and Norberto.

Enjoy a free viewing of ALREADY FREE – online for 48 hours in 13 different languages. 🇺🇸🇪🇸 🇮🇹 🇩🇪 🇵🇹 🇧🇬 🇨🇳 🇫🇷 🇳🇱 🇸🇪 🇷🇺 🇨🇿 🇫🇮

For more information and to register, please visit to the Already Free Film website.

THE THEORY OF QI: Three-Day Workshop with Yuan Tze August 20-22, 2020 (PDT)

Join Yuan Tze for a three-day online workshop on the Theory of Qi—one of three theories that form the foundation of the REN XUE system and Yuan Gong practices.

During the event, Yuan Tze will explain what Qi is and the role it plays in the universe, nature, and human life. You will learn how to work on your own Qi, ways in which you can create and nurture Qifields, and how you can harness the vitality of these for the benefit of your own health and growth.

Over the three days, you will discover how this theory can have real and practical implications on life. Learn more and Register.

Deepen Your Understanding & Experience of NATURAL Workshop with Yuan Tze on July 18, 2020 (PDT)

Registration is open for the third workshop in Yuan Tze’s Be the Master of Your State workshop series.

Being NATURAL may not be as straightforward to understand and apply as the other elements of a good state. However, it provides an essential foundation. In all the years that Yuan Tze has shared his wisdom, this workshop will be the first time he will give a comprehensive talk on this essential element.

During this workshop, you will hear how NATURAL can help you achieve a sense of freedom, ease, and self-determination with no disturbance by anything, at any moment. Yuan Tze will also focus on the following aspects:

  • What is the fundamental nature of the universe and its connection with human life?
  • What is the natural state for a human life?
  • How is being natural related to health and growth?
  • How am I doing in terms of ‘being natural’? How did I get here?
  • Becoming natural is returning to the universe (unification and harmony) and is a process of developing realization and wisdom.
  • Understanding how to return to nature and experience the natural state

The exploration of this element will not only provide you with a new perspective to work on the state, but also help enhance your work on RELAXED and CALM.

In joining the event, you will be immersed in the strong Qifield not only created and nurtured by Yuan Tze, but also strengthened by the REN XUE community who joined the previous two workshops. In this strong Qifield, you will have the opportunity to truly experience the feeling of being NATURAL.  Learn more and register.

Deepen Your Understanding and Experience of CALM Workshop with Yuan Tze June 20, 2020 (PDT)

Registration is open for the second topic in this six part series: Be the Master of Your State. This workshop will focus on what it means to be Calm.

Being CALM is essential for building a good state. However, for most people remaining calm amidst the busyness of daily life can be a real struggle. The exploration of this element will be a great journey of self-discovery.

And to integrate the learning, you will practice with Yuan Tze in a strong Qifield where you can truly experience the feeling of being CALM.

Are you ready to learn how to cultivate and master your ability to create and maintain this healthy and harmonious state? Join us on June 20, 2020, 2-5PM (Pacific Daylight Time). Learn more and Register.

Already Free Film Now On Sale

Now you can have access to view Already Free whenever you like, while also supporting Ren Xue of the Americas with your purchase.

GREAT GIFT IDEA for friends and family who didn’t get a chance to watch the film at the live or online premiere. CLICK HERE to purchase Already Free.

COST: Only $5 including bonus footage of some scenes from the outtakes and film crew interviews. Watch the film in English or view it with subtitles in 12 different languages.

Thanks for all your support in continuing to get the film and Ren Xue out into the world.

“When you connect with your True Self, you connect with everything in the universe and with your destiny.”


New Online Parenting Course with Dorrie van Roij-Houtappels

Grow more calm, relaxed and joyful in your family relationships. Step by step you will learn ways to understand yourself and your child so that your relationship becomes more harmonious.

This course is especially designed for Parents, Caregivers and future Parents who are new to life development. In a fluid and approachable way you will learn tools to help with your parenting. The program can also be very helpful for advanced practitioners from the REN XUE system as Dorrie explains tools and golden rules from her first hand experience from her own parenting. Learn more and register here.

One Day Workshop with Yuan Tze 5/23/20: RELAXED

Yuan Tze, the world-renowned teacher and founder of REN XUE, who is featured in the documentary film ALREADY FREE, is sharing his teachings in a one-day workshop series starting on Saturday, May 23. The focus for this series is mastering our inner state. The topic this weekend will be ‘RELAXED.’

Through working with Yuan Tze, you will experience how being RELAXED can make a marked difference to your health and change the way you react to situations in daily life. Learn more and Register here.

Already Free Online Premiere April 18 and 19

Watch the Already Free film from your home. Available in 12 different languages!

This is a very special time for humanity right now. So we have decided to offer our online world premiere free of charge and hope that our film can bring you some inspiration, joy and hope during this challenging times. Watch this extraordinary story of two ordinary people that through applying a special form of mindfulness and Qigong completely changed their lives around from severe illness and depression to health happiness and inner growth. Meet the key cast live for Q&As after the screening! 



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"I have no doubt that this is just the beginning of the journey. Thank you again for offering me and everyone this opportunity to become a person of greater depth, wisdom and insight."
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