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Marsha Moore
Washington, USA I have always had a desire to know myself and understand life at a deeper level. I began learning from Yuan Tze in 2010. I had been working on my life consistently and had found understanding about many aspects of my life, but it was still incomplete. With REN XUE and YUAN QIGONG, I now have a system of practices and theories that provide comprehensive guidance for understanding and changing my life on all levels. The system is so rich, so full of wisdom, each day brings a deeper understanding about who I am and the meaning of my life.
Patterns, Puzzles and Pandemic

Patterns, Puzzles and Pandemic

Patterns, Puzzles and Pandemic   Not long ago the new Yuan Qigong At Home Learning course Changing Patterns (Ling Yuan) - the 8th method of Yuan Qigong - was launched. It recently occurred to me that puzzle making has some similarity to working on patterns. So,...

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