Qigong for New Year’s Resolutions


What is the real power of making wishes or setting goals for the new year, and how does Qigong for new year’s resolutions work?

Human beings have long been fascinated with the idea of simple actions or magical creatures providing a doorway for their dreams to come true. Around the world, children and adults make wishes while blowing out candles on birthday cakes, when scattering the fluff from dandelions, or upon seeing a shooting star. For luck, they search for four leaf clovers and delight in the good luck to come when a lady bug lands on them. Children imagine what they would wish for if they stumbled upon a genie, leprechaun, or fairy. Adults buy lottery tickets and dream about how life will change if only the numbers line up. It seems across all cultures there is a longing for the magic to make dreams come true.

Qigong for new year's resolutions

At this time of year, wishes for how life will be different fill the air as people begin contemplating how they want their life to change in the new year. Sometimes these wishes come true. Many times, life returns to what it was before in just a few weeks. This is because wishes alone aren’t enough to change life. If there isn’t a magical creature just waiting for the right moment to pop in and make all your dreams come true, what is the key to setting your life in the direction you want it to go? Qifields.

How do you tap into the potential to change your life using Qifields? By understanding Qi as the fundamental substance and connecting principle of everything in the universe. Everything you see, and everything you cannot see is comprised of Qi, including you. While you may feel separate while in this body, you are in fact of the same thing, from the same thing, and will return to the same thing as everyone and everything else in the universe. You are therefore connected to and part of it all. Because you have a consciousness, you have a direct line of communication and the capacity to influence the information in Qifields, which gives you the capacity to set the direction of your life.

How to build a Qifield

When you build a Qifield, you are in a purposeful way changing the information that directs Qi (energy). You start by adjusting your state, much as you do before a Yuan Qigong practice. Once in a relaxed and calm state, you begin adding information to the Qifield. For example, you might add information for a new, healthier way of relating to a family member by adding positive thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. You can build a Qifield for a new, healthier habit, for example, a daily Qigong practice. You can build Qifields for day-to-day life experiences like travel or driving, work or parenting. When you build a Qifield, you are replacing the existing information that may be present based on old habits, or patterns of thinking, believing, or acting, with new information that is more beneficial to your life and the lives of others. Building a Qifield is doing more than thinking positively. By changing the information at the fundamental level of existence, at the level of Qi, you are making substantive and lasting changes to the Qifield, and these changes will spiral outward, affecting everything and everyone in your Qifield.

Changing life in this way may seem like magic, but it is as ordinary as mud. It's just like Glinda told Dorothy in the movie The Wizard of Oz - she's had the power all along, she just had to learn it for herself. So, this new year, instead of wishing for change, align yourself with the very nature of all that exists in the universe, and begin adding the positive, healthy, and beneficial information you want to experience to your Qifield. That is when the real magic begins.

How Qifields work

Qi is comprised of material, information, and energy. Your thoughts, actions, and feelings form the information of your Qifield. Your Qifield and all its information emanates outward, affecting everyone and everything around you. When groups of objects are in the same space, they form a larger Qifield. Your work place, your family, a forest and all the objects in it form a unique Qifield. How you think about, feel, and behave towards yourself and the objects in your Qifield affects, influences, and directs the information of the Qifield. But you can change the information. As Glinda tells Dorothy, she had the power to go home all along, but she had to learn it for herself. You don’t have to search for this ‘magic’ – you are the magic. That is the true nature and power of your consciousness. Wether you'll practice Qigong for new year' s resolutions or to maintain a good state and support your health and growth you will always feel the magic in this powerful ancient practice.

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