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Are you sometimes longing for more clarity, direction and a clear understanding of your life’s purpose? Many people want to improve their lives and to do their part to make the world a better place. But what they are often missing, is a clear understanding of how to accomplish these things. A lack of clarity and direction can create all sorts of problems in our own lives and in the world. The result of not knowing which road to take, or which direction to choose, can result in a lot of unnecessary physical and emotional suffering.

In today’s world, everything comes with a little instruction booklet. So why don‘t we have good instructions about healing, and about achieving true happiness? Where is clear and effective guidance for understanding life and how to live it? 

Do you feel you received this little instruction booklet for your life journey? Do you know how to transform problems at the root rather than treating the superficial symptoms? Or, have you been trying this and that and mostly learning from your own experiences? 

REN XUE offers a clear pathway for understanding and changing life. It provides guidance for achieving greater health and happiness. Through Ren Xue, we learn the laws of the universe, and how to live in harmony with them. We come to understand the impact Qi has on our lives and how to stop depleting it. 

Ren Xue provides two disciplines to support us on our journey:

  • Yuan Qigong – a contemporary Qigong system and self-help tool for health and harmony; and ultimately for realization and wisdom.
  • Yuan Ming – healing techniques trained practitioners use to help others achieve these same goals.

Are you curious to learn more about Ren Xue and Yuan Qigong?

Many people have already improved their lives with Ren Xue. Aiyanna Sophie, a Yuan Qigong and Ren Xue teacher based in Auckland, New Zealand shares a little about her journey below.

Join us on this path towards health, happiness, and realization. 

How to start healing yourself

You, too, have the power to change and to be happy!

Learn how to live in a healthy state – a state where true healing from deep inside becomes possible and will happen in a very natural way.

Ren Xue and Yuan Qigong provide tools to work on all different aspects of life. Problems and health conditions can be turned around and improved or cleared. Physical and emotional healing or healing of life itself is not a miracle. It all begins with understanding and applying. 

Join us today and start exploring your life force in a different, very nurturing and blissful way.

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Anke Sonnentag

Exploring the human heart and soul is my greatest passion. Working as an actress I try to understand the complexity of life as a whole, especially interpersonal relationships which are often driven by personal needs, patterns and emotions. By practicing Yuan Qigong and Ren Xue my own life continues to develop as I cultivate better health, strength, calmness and joie de vivre in everyday life. Are you curious about the wonders of life, too? Then let’s explore it together!

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