Finally Finding True Happiness


What is happiness? Are you happy? Really truly happy, deep inside? It‘s what we all long for but that kind of happiness often seems elusive. 

When we ask ourselves why that might be, we could start by questioning what makes us happy. 

Seeking happiness by acquiring material things or through seeking pleasurable experiences are common ways to experience some kind of happiness. But how long does it last? Often, like a child with a new toy, the novelty wears off for us and we find ourselves again seeking something new, something else to bring us back to a happy state. We all have heard this so often: True happiness comes from inside. Ahhh!

So how do we find this place inside that will allow us to experience and cultivate real happiness, a feeling of happiness that will last no matter what the external circumstances are? Many people have been helped to find this place by REN XUE. Ren Xue is the whole of the teachings of Yuan Tze, Ren Xue’s founder. Together, the teachings, theories, Yuan Qigong methods, and supplemental practices, form an integrated ‘life cultivation’ system that guides the practitioner along a path to health, harmony, and wisdom.

Tim is a YUAN QIGONG and Ren Xue teacher from New Zealand. Watch his personal story and his WHY for practicing Yuan Qigong and Ren Xue:


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The five REN XUE treasures

What are the components of a truly meaningful, fulfilling life, a life of true happiness, joy, and contentment? Ren Xue defines them as


Through Ren Xue‘s Yuan Qigong methods,  we learn to develop more calmness and stability in life as a foundation to experience more health and happiness. When body and mind are healthy and our happiness no longer depends on external things, a deep sense of wellbeing can arise. Imagine your life growing from there!

That kind of happiness is always there. And it influences not only how we live our lives, but also how we see and judge things, and what decisions we make. It also has a huge impact on the people around us, our relationships with friends and family, and even the world.

Ren Xue teachings are based on a profound understanding of Qi (life force), the consciousness, the law of totality, and how the universal laws impact our lives. Yuan Ming and the 9 methods of Yuan Qigong are practical tools to support the application of these teachings, to learn how to be truly happy and healthy, and to foster personal growth.

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The REN XUE Community is a global, deeply connected community dedicated to the journey towards realization and wisdom. Health, happiness, and sense of wellbeing are often the first treasures along the Ren Xue pathway. As a Ren Xue practice develops and deepens, we gain tools for opening our hearts to ourselves and to the world. Mental clarity and the ability to focus improve. We better understand our thought patterns and can begin to change those that do not promote a harmonious life.

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