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In this completely free series of monthly guided meditations, Cathy Fox from REN XUE TV takes us on a unique meditation journey across the world. You will meet highly skilled REN XUE teachers from many different countries connecting with you from their hearts and sharing their wisdom. Open up your heart and travel with us to beautiful, remote places - in the external world, as well as inside yourself.

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Your Life' s True Purpose - Guided Meditation

Start your journey in Lisbon, Portugal. In this meditation, REN XUE teacher Norberto Rodrigues takes you deep inside your heart. Connect with your true purpose and enjoy the wonderful changes inside! 

Guided Meditation for Relaxation

In this free Relaxation Meditation, you will spend nourishing time with Arne Nordgren, from Stockholm, Sweden. Travel North and experience some relaxing moments far away from the stress and business of the outer world. Just close your eyes, breathe and listen to Arne's wonderful voice.

Free Guided Meditation: Find Inner Peace and Calm

In this special mediation, you will meet Sylvie Jutras from Monpellier, France. She will guide us into a relaxed state of internal freedom where we can surrender ourselves to the natural process of life itself. Let’s get ready for the practice now!

Powerful Energy Meditation 

Further east we meet with Vlado Rashev from Sofia, Bulgaria. He is in the stunning scenery of the remote Balkan Mountains. The pracitical meditation that he proposes improves health and well-being and sleep. Enjoy a nourishing adventure with a powerful technique that also supports relationships and important events in your life. Join us in this beautiful Qifield.

Free guided Meditation series 

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Yuan Qigong is a new Qigong system created in 2013 by world-renowned Qigong and life cultivation teacher YUAN TZE. While Yuan Qigong has its roots in profound ancient teachings, it was specifically created for our busy modern times. Please join us for our free practices and monthly free meditations in the QiBlog and on Ren Xue TV. You can learn the methods properly in our At Home Learning Program.

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