Improving health with Qigong


Improving health with Qigong – is that possible? This is Fraser’s personal story:

Fraser started practicing YUAN QIGONG in 2010 when he was 24 years old. At this time, he was fully immersed as a competitive rugby player in Otago, New Zealand. However, chronic eczema that he had had as child reemerged during this time. When a dermatologist told him that it was the worst he had seen Fraser became determined to find solutions that didn’t require a life-time reliance on medications. 

“I literally left the Dunedin club rugby final in 2012 and went to my first retreat with Yuan Tze and I’ve basically wanted to teach and share ever since. I feel for me now at 35 years old, Ren Xue and Yuan Gong have been such a pivotal part of my health and happiness returning and now growing, that truly from my heart I just wish to teach and help others the best I can.”

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Watch Fraser’s WHY for improving health with Qigong and practicing REN XUE:



“Hi, my name is Fraser from New Zealand and I practiced YUAN QIGONG to initially to improve my health. My health really had a resurgence in vitality once I started to immerse myself and practice this system consistently. My WHY mainly is because it helps me to transform my consciousness. So, my thinking if I compare myself to when I was 22 and started practicing to my thinking now as a 35 year old I just am in constant marvel as to how much brighter I am within myself. It’s a very nice place to be having applied the REN XUE teachings and the YUAN GONG system to genuinely believe within myself and feel my life getting brighter and brighter. And I’m very grateful for that and love to share with anyone also wanting to explore life just like that.”

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The REN XUE Community is a global, deeply connected community dedicated to the journey towards realization and wisdom. Health, happiness, and sense of wellbeing are often the first treasures along the Ren Xue pathway. As a Ren Xue practice develops and deepens, we gain tools for opening our hearts to ourselves and to the world. Mental clarity and the ability to focus improve. We better understand our thought patterns and can begin to change those that do not promote a harmonious life.

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