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The new REN XUE TV series INSPIRING PEOPLE“ portrays remarkable journeys of healing and transformation. Meet inspiring people from all over the world who made significant progress in their life cultivation and are now sharing their unique experiences with you.

Their beautiful stories have become a true inspiration for many people who are walking on the same path towards better health and wellbeing, and ultimately the goal of realization and wisdom.

In this QiBlog you will meet Fiona from New Zealand and Sylvie form France both sharing their unique stories of healing, living in the moment, and experiencing totality and unconditional love from a very deep place.


“Every moment you can choose to be in the moment. You have no past and no future in this moment. You can just be NOW. Every moment is a transformational moment that can totally change you.“

About Fiona

Practicing Ren Xue and Yuan Qigong helped Fiona recover from a life-threatening health crisis and enabled her to create a life full of joy, peacefulness and happiness.

On that journey, Fiona discovered how her unhealthy thoughts, patterns and emotions had contributed to her illness. She realized that outwardly her life had looked successful, but all of that was a coverup for her deep unhappiness and sorrow inside.

Step by step, through the Ren Xue practices she began to live and experience the world from her heart and finally to realize her True Self.


“Putting into practice everything that we learn - this is what Qigong is about. It should be with us all the time.“

About Sylvie

After experiencing a very difficult time Sylvie developed an incurable medical condition. A friend gave her one of Yuan Tze's books and she began to read about Qigong and the REN XUE System. Less than a week later, her body was healed. This was a result of experiencing a huge shift in consciousness. By connecting with her true heart's natural abilities, Sylvie gradually gained a greater understanding of the universal laws of life, and more clarity with regard to her own limitations.

The process of awakening is unique for everyone. So was it for Sylvie. She did a Bi Guan (silent retreat) where for a month she practiced all the Yuan Qigong methods every day and reviewed all the Ren Xue teachings. Toward the end of the retreat she blindfolded herself for a few days in order to become able to see who she truly was. This set in motion an experience of totality and the awakening of her True Self. 


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