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Some Among Us Are Already Free

Norberto Rodrigues is a Ren Xue teacher, YUAN QIGONG instructor and skilful Qi therapist based in Lisbon, Portugal. Student of Chinese life cultivation teacher Yuan Tze since 2011 to the present. In 2018 Norberto started regular online seminars on enlightenment from the perspective of heart transformation and personal experience.

Read what Norberto has to say about about his extraordinary experience of life cultivation

Violetta Petrova: You said that you knew Yuan Tze was the right teacher for you as soon as you saw the Ren Xue website. Could you go back to this moment and explain what made you think that you had found the right teaching?

Norberto Rodrigues: In those times, I was feeling a lot of physical and emotional pain almost twenty-four hours a day, although I took painkillers, and muscle relaxation and anti-inflammatory drugs. It was very hard. My body was losing its strength. It was hard to move, sometimes my legs could not move at all. I used all the available resources and I was supposed to get better. But obviously, what I did was not enough. It was getting worse. I spent all my spare time to search for a solution. I did a lot of search on the internet, really a lot. From time to time I came across promising offers. However, there was a gut feeling telling me that this was not the right thing or person.

One day I found Yuan Tze and as soon I saw him, I entered a very deep state, almost like a trance. I started to experience an overflowing joy and happiness, sometimes even tears were coming to my eyes and I am not someone that cries easily. At this moment, I felt I was stronger and higher than myself and my problem. For about three days I was in this special state, all the pain in my body disappeared, my body felt free, I could move normally again. I was not really aware of the meaning of what happened. But I was absolutely sure that I must meet Yuan Tze and learn from him. I felt this with my heart and there was no trace of doubt in me.


Violetta Petrova: When did you realize that you have natural healing abilities and what was your thinking at that moment?

Norberto Rodrigues: It happened when I was a child, in my early childhood. I don’t remember how old I was. But I clearly remember the exact occasion when I first realized I can help people.

I visited with my parents an elder family member, one of my uncles who had had a stroke. He was in bed unable to talk or move. He felt a lot of pain, screaming and sweating, and we could hear his groans as we approached the house. My parents and his family tried to help but nothing seemed to work.

I also wanted to help. I closed my eyes and made a prayer. I said: ‘Dear God, my uncle is old and defenseless. I am young, I can carry pain and suffering in my body. Please, let me carry this burden and alleviate him’. I started imagining that all the pain and suffering he was experiencing, has been transferred to me. Within a few minutes my uncle got calmer, smiled softly to us and fell asleep. I remember feeling heaviness on my body, nausea and dizziness. After I went out to the street they quickly dispersed without me doing anything.

At that moment, I realized that I could help people even without letting them know. I have done this many times since then not only to humans but also to animals and plants. I have never told anyone. This is the first time I talk about this.

Ren Xue helped me to understand what I was doing. Over time I refined the techniques. Now, when I do healing, I always ask people to unify with my heart and I take their pain as mine and then surrender it to the Universe.


Violetta Petrova: You healed your back injury a long time ago without needing surgery; yet, you are now – a more avid Yuan Qigong and Ren Xue practitioner than ever before. What keeps you continuing with the learning and the practice?

Norberto Rodrigues: Healing my body is like a drop in the ocean compared to what Ren Xue has done to my life. Ren Xue is about healing the totality of life and about gaining deep understanding of the laws of life and the universe. It is about gaining realisation and wisdom and transcending the suffering and illusions. And, most important, it is about manifesting the true self.

What Ren Xue gave me is priceless. I want to share it. I feel this is my responsibility to give people the tools that, I know this very well, will help them to realize the True Self, to heal deeply their lives, and to reach more realizations, true wisdom, happiness and love. This responsibility I feel deep in my heart and I need to share it. I wish to see humanity becoming wiser and everyone manifesting their true self. I feel the need to become the best version of myself. All these make me practise harder and study more than ever before.

I have a dream for humanity. I imagine everyone’s life growing, their true selves manifesting, and wisdom and love becoming the normal state of existence of all humans. We can be a genuine family and live in peace, harmony, love, respect, co-operation, mutual understanding, wisdom, realization, freedom, joy, and happiness. How wonderful it would be for this planet to become a heaven for everyone!


About Norberto Rodrigues:

Norberto was born in Bragança, Portugal. At the age of five he watched a Bruce Lee movie that captured his imagination and started him on a quest to learn martial arts and energy methods. At the age of ten he began practicing karate; and the age of twelve he took up Chinese martial arts such as Hung Gar, Wing Chun, Tang Lang, Tai Chi, and Qigong. He also began to pursue meditation and yoga and read ancient wisdom books. Norberto has a master’s degree in physical education and health. Due to a rather severe back injury, he explored many different healing modalities in search of relief. When he encountered Yuan Tze and Ren Xue in 2011, he recognized that he had found what he had been seeking for so many years. Norberto’s dream is, and has been since youth, to devote himself to helping others achieve freedom.


 This interview was conducted by Ren Xue teacher Violetta Petrova.





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