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This is the Master Your State, Part 2 | Harmony, Integrated & Unified, Jue Cha course.

Have you participated in the Relaxed, Calm and Natural workshops? These first three workshops constitute Part I of the Master Your State teachings. They focus on the foundations of achieving mastery: being relaxed, calm, and natural. They are an excellent place to begin working on your state. The remaining three workshops constitute Part II and focus on achieving an integrated, unified state, living in harmony, and mastering Jue Cha. All of the workshops enrich the teachings of Yuan Qigong by showing us how to develop and maintain a good state, both during practice and throughout our day.

Ren Xue is an integrated system of teachings. While specific courses and workshops focus on particular aspects, the more you progress in Ren Xue teachings, the more you will find familiarity with what you have already encountered. For those who began their Ren Xue experience with the Yuan Qigong methods, these workshops will help you discover how they fit into the overall teachings and how what you have learned can be further applied. We invite you to review the key concepts from this different vantage point.

For those of you who are new to Ren Xue, we have included support materials to provide a sufficient grounding in the teachings to be able to fully participate in the workshops. Links to other teachings you may want to explore in conjunction with these workshops are also provided.