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April 22-30, 2022. Daily from 2pm to 5:30pm PST

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We invite you to join Yuan Tze and the REN XUE community for this special event

Are you hoping for a brighter future for yourself and others?  Many of us are watching the world right now and wondering how things can change and improve.  It is our unhealthy patterns - our limited views, habits, and thoughts - that keep us from accessing our true wisdom.

Join us for this very special nine-day online retreat with Yuan Tze, where he will help us understand more deeply what our unhealthy patterns are and how to clear them so we can move forward in life from a place of wisdom.  You will get the opportunity, if you would like, to send in your own questions for Yuan Tze to answer during the retreat.  His responses are universal and anyone can apply the answers to their own challenges and goals.

In addition to the Q&A led by Yuan Tze, REN XUE practitioners who have made significant progress in their realization and wisdom will be sharing during the retreat. Norberto from the Already Free film will host a session, and two new teachers that Yuan Tze will be introducing will share their special experiences of reaching this step.

Are you ready to clear the unhealthy patterns within to truly uplift your life and others?

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A retreat by world-renowned Qigong Master Yuan Tze

  • Served as member of the Chinese Qigong Science Research Association
  • World-renowned healer and teacher
  • Founder of Ren Xue and Yuan Qigong

For personal reasons, Dorrie is unable to teach at this retreat.

Retreat Overview

The program for this online retreat is designed so that no matter where you are in the world, you can participate in the three different daily activities:

  1. Global community Yuan Gong Practice
  2. Yuan Tze's Teaching session
  3. Tea & Qi community gathering

Each day over the nine days we offer live activities for every session. The reply of Yuan Tze's session is available to everyone and in encouraged for those in Europe, Africa, and some parts of Asia and Australia. For this particular activity, we invite you to watch the recording of Yuan Tze's session as a group in between the other live activities.

Rest assured, whether you join Yuan Tze's session live or watch the recording, the support of the same powerful, loving, and nourishing Qifield will be available to you.

Take the first step of a new journey!

Voices from the community

Anke, Germany

Yuan Tze's retreats are amazing! Although I know there are hundreds of people attending, there are always moments when it feels like he is talking straight to me.

Sami, New Zealand

At first I was unsure if I would like a Q&A format. Now I see that every question is in some way my question, and every answer helps me in some way.

Sally, USA

All I can say is, 'give it a try.' My first retreat was 10 years ago, and I haven't missed one since.

Start uplifting your life today!