Beginner Set Gift


In Celebration of the Year of the Tiger, enjoy a 26% discount to learn the first two Yuan Qigong methods, Gathering Qi and Nourishing Qi.

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✅ Over 100 mins of videos
✅ Over 6 hours of audio
✅ Lifetime access

Benefit from these opportunities:

▶️ Learn the first two methods of Yuan Qigong
▶️ Boost your energy
▶️ Relax your body

This is an exclusive Qigong beginners set of Gathering Qi and Nourishing Qi. Support your health and longevity by learning powerful Qigong movements, deep breathing exercises, meditation and healing techniques.

This course bundle helps you develop effective strategies for coping with stress and improving your general wellbeing.

When you purchase this course, we also invite you to book a one hour individual online session with a teacher at a 40% discount for just $30.