Does Qigong healing really work


Qigong healing – does it really work? This is Marie-Laure’s personal story. She started practicing Qigong in 2010. She had a lump in her breast and was able to heal herself while attending a Qigong retreat with YUAN TZE in Sweden. She is originally from France currently living in New Zealand where she teaches Yuan Qigong and practices Qigong healing.

“I felt in my Heart that I had to share this wisdom. It literally changed my life because I feel the space now for creativity and happiness. My Qigong practice is my best friend for ever.“

Watch Marie-Laure’s personal story and her WHY for practicing Yuan Qigong and REN XUE

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The REN XUE Community is a global, deeply connected community dedicated to the journey towards realization and wisdom. Health, happiness, and sense of wellbeing are often the first treasures along the Ren Xue pathway. As a Ren Xue practice develops and deepens, we gain tools for opening our hearts to ourselves and to the world. Mental clarity and the ability to focus improve. We better understand our thought patterns and can begin to change those that do not promote a harmonious life.

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