Gain inner calm with breathing

Qigong online course: Nourishing Qi


  Life-time Access

  Developed for the 21st Century

  Safe to practice

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Gain inner calm with breathing

Qigong online course: Nourishing Qi


  Life-time Access

  For the 21st Century

  Safe to practice

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Nourishing Qi - Di Yuan the second method of Yuan Qigong

Change your focus to change your life


Foster a relaxed and attentive mind


Enter the path of finding calm and inner peace


Gather and store more energy through breathing


Gain focus, mental clarity and develop will power

  • 50 min video content / 3 hours audio content
  • Free Access to the monthly Deep Dive Workshops
  • Life-long access to the course
  • Optional: Add an individual Teacher Session for only $30

Start your path to inner peace for just $66

Developed by world-renowned Qigong Master Yuan Tze

  • Served as member of the Chinese Qigong Science Research Association
  • World-renowned healer and teacher
  • Founder of Ren Xue and Yuan Qigong

Qigong has changed the lives of People like you!

My first Qigong session was an outdoor practice near a forest. We did a breathing exercise which I will always remember. Later I got interested in Yuan Qigong. This is the form of Qigong I definitely prefer and recommend. Thank you for your online course, Ren Xue America!


Washington State

After some free Qigong videos on YouTube I wanted to learn it for real and found Ren Xue of the Americas.

I must say, the courses are really affordable, well structured and helped me to learn Qigong online.


New Zealand

Change your life as well by starting Qigong for just $66

Meet Kelly - Your Instructor of Yuan Qigong

Yuan Qigong Master Kelly

Please meet Kelly, your course instructor and Yuan Qigong Master. Kelly was introduced to Qigong and Ren Xue in 2008. Since 2013, Kelly has been the primary demonstrator of Yuan Qigong methods, having now appeared in numerous video demonstrations that are used in teaching these methods online and in trainings all over the world.

Education and Certifications

Zhineng Qigong Certification Level 1-3 2010
Yuan Gong Master (completed all 6 levels)
Yuan Ming

Uplift your life by starting Qigong for just $66

Bonus: Benefit from our monthly Deep Dive Workshops

If you buy this course, you will have free access to our monthly Deep Dive workshop. Each workshop focuses on a different aspect of the Yuan Qigong methods you have been learning to enhance your home practice, answer questions, and gain new insights. The online format brings you together with other practitioners and teachers to grow your practice and your Ren Xue community.

Deep Dive registration invitations will be sent directly to your email for the At Home course(s) you have registered for. In your registration, you will have the opportunity to ask questions ahead of time. The questions and the information you provide will help the teachers to tailor each session to fit the needs of the group. After the live sessions, the recordings will be available to view at your leisure.

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Start "Nourishing Qi" and you will learn:

  • How to improve your breathing
  • How to nourish your Qi
  • How to gain inner peace
  • How to improve health and Wellbeing

Enter a peaceful life