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Meet the global REN XUE Community: One thing that is really special about Yuan Qigong and Ren Xue is that you can join an amazing global Qigong community that supports one another, grows together and practices together on a daily basis – both online and in person.

Ren Xue offers a unique At Home Learning program for the YUAN QIGONG methods. It also offers online and in-person retreats, Qigong classes by local teachers all over the world and a special YUAN QIGONG teacher training curriculum.


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Eva is a YUAN QIGONG teacher from Stockholm. She has translated Yuan Tzes book “WELLBEING begins with YOU into Swedish, and worked with Arne Nordgren from Ren Xue Europe and Sweden on a number of teaching texts, manuals and voice recordings.

Eva is part of the smaller group that organizes Swedish REN XUE activities and retreats. She likes to cooperate with the European and International REN XUE movement, and practices mainly via Zoom these days.

Watch her personal story and her WHY for practicing Yuan Qigong and Ren Xue:



What is REN XUE?

REN XUE is a life cultivation system that offers a unique path for transforming all aspects of life. Steeped in ancient wisdom and informed by modern science, Ren Xue offers theories to understand life and tools to transform it. Ren Xue achieves its mission through its two application systems: YUAN QIGONG for helping oneself and YUAN MING MEDICINE for helping others.

REN XUE is a holistic approach to enhancing and uplifting life founded by world-renowned Qigong master and teacher YUAN TZE. 

REN XUE has fast become a global community of dedicated Qigong practitioners and life cultivators supporting each other and growing together.



YUAN QIGONG is a powerful tool used in Ren Xue to improve energy levels (Qi) and health conditions, to calm the mind and find clear focus, to open and live from the heart, to find purpose in life and experience personal growth.

Practicing YUAN QIGONG can have a huge impact on our personal healing journey. The profound teachings and the practice have helped and inspired thousands of practitioners worldwide.

  • Learn simple and effective movements for regeneration and relaxation
  • Increase energy levels and strengthen the heart
  • Strengthen your self-healing potential
  • Experience a more conscious way of being 
  • Learn about keys to unlock the qualities of the heart – for a happier and more fulfilling life
  • Learn about how to become free of negative patterns
  • Learn how to open the heart and bring more internal peace
  • Discover new ways to live your potential and be your true self

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The REN XUE Community is a global, deeply connected community dedicated to the journey towards realization and wisdom. Health, happiness, and sense of wellbeing are often the first treasures along the Ren Xue pathway. As a Ren Xue practice develops and deepens, we gain tools for opening our hearts to ourselves and to the world. Mental clarity and the ability to focus improve. We better understand our thought patterns and can begin to change those that do not promote a harmonious life.

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