Relaxation exercise for stress relief


Are you looking for a Relaxation exercise for stress relief? Are you ready to open up your heart and mind and fill up your whole body with new energy and positive information? Experience the power of Qigong relaxation with this very simple exercise called Pouring Qi.

Pouring Qi helps you get into a calm and relaxed state. Practitioners use it before going to bed, as a break during the day or before facing challenging situations.

Pouring Qi is an easy and pleasant practice that helps us to better feel Qi – our life force. Just a few minutes of this practice during the day or while taking a break at work can make a huge difference.

If you suffer from sleeping problems, nervousness, tension or anxiety, reconnecting with your body and nourishing it with bright, pure Qi can support your healing process.

Sabine Margesin, Yuan Qigong and Ren Xue teacher from Shine-Bright-Centre New Zealand, will now gently guide you through the practice (beginners please check instructions below).


We wish you a wonderful experience with this moving Qigong meditation:


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Relaxation exercise with Pouring Qi  

If you are practicing Pouring Qi for the first time, please have a look at the instructions before following the audio to make sure you get the most out of this relaxation technique and that you can fully enjoy your practice.

Find a calm space and stand in a comfortable position: body upright lifted from above, and feet shoulder width apart. Allow some time to connect to your body and Qi (life force) and feel your breath. Gently close your eyes, awareness inside, becoming one with the Qi around you. Relax the whole body. Relax the mind.

Feel your Qi (energy) arms, reaching down into the earth and  connecting with the Qi below. Slowly lift up a Qi ball in front of your body to above the head.

Keep gathering Qi while lifting your arms and hands at the sides. Imagine the Qi ball is filled with bright, beautiful and nourishing Qi (energy).

Carry the Qi ball up to above the head. Open up the top of your head and pour Qi down through the top of your head, send it down through the whole body like showering the whole body with nourishing Qi. 

Relax your hands and move them slowly down in front of your body. Guide Qi down inside the head and through the center of your entire body. Your hands move in front of the body, while your Qi hands move inside.

Guide Qi down and nourish your whole body: head, neck area, chest, abdomen, hips, legs. 

Arms and hands relax at the sides. Use your mind to guide your Qi down through the lower legs and feet. Allow some time to feel the difference.

Connect with the Qi deep down in the void of earth, and again lift up a Qi ball with your arms and hands drawing more and more bright and healthy Qi to the Qi ball and into your body. 


Carry the Qi ball to above your head. Pour Qi down focussing on the front half of the body. Pour Qi down from head to toes through the front portion of your body.

Relax your hands and arms and slowly guide Qi down. Feel the Qi in the front part of your body. Once your hands are at your side, relax and let your mind guide Qi down through the front part of your lower legs and feet. Relax, feel your Qi.

Repeat the movement and focus on the back half of the body, filling it up with bright and nourishing Qi.

Repeat the movement and focus on both sides of your body. Feel Qi inside filling up the left and right side of your body with bright, nourishing and pure Qi. Move your hands slowly down along the sides: left and right side of the head, left and right shoulders, left and right side of the chest, abdomen, hips and legs. Relax your hands and arms at the sides.

Connect with the Qi below and lift up a Qi ball to above your head. Pour Qi down from the top of your head. This time focus on your entire body and pour Qi down. Guide Qi down through the center of your body: center of your head, neck, chest, abdomen. Relax your hands and arms at the sides. Use your mind to guide Qi down the inside of your legs into your feet.

Connect with the Qi and information of mother earth below and again lift up a Qi ball adding the information of calm, relaxed and open. Open up your body, heart and mind and pour Qi down from the top of your head. Guide Qi down through the center of your body. Fill up your whole body and your whole being with nourishing energy. 

Relax your arms at the sides.

Ending the practice: Feel the Qi deep inside and connect to the Qi around you. Turn your palms forward and open your arms to the sides. Gather Qi and draw all the Qi and information back to your lower abdomen. 

Put your hands on your lower abdomen, palms overlapping. Male left hand inward, female right. Feel your Qi. Feel your state. Breathe. 

When you feel ready gently open your eyes. Remain in this calm and relaxed state as long as possible. 


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