What is Ren Xue of the Americas?


Ren Xue of the Americas (RXA) is a dba (doing business as name) for Yuan Tze Ren Xue Center, Inc. a non-profit, public benefit corporation based in California. In 2012, it was recognized by the U.S. Department of the Treasury as tax exempt under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.  

The specific purpose of the corporation is to promote Ren Xue to the public so it can be used to improve the health and the general wellbeing of individuals and society as a whole.

What is Ren Xue?

Ren Xue is a life cultivation system that guides the practitioner along the path to health, wellbeing, harmony, self-realization and wisdom. The Chinese term Ren Xue means science or study of human life. 

Ren Xue is the whole of the wisdom teachings of Yuan Tze, the creator of the Ren Xue system. 

The teachings include three theories: 

  • The theory of Qi, 
  • The theory of consciousness,
  • The theory of totality. 

Ren Xue also includes two application systems: 

Yuan Qigong, an advanced Qigong system with 9 integrated methods for uplifting one’s own health and life, and Yuan Ming a natural, safe and effective set of techniques for helping others.

Practitioners are supported by Ren Xue’s founder Yuan Tze, a global network of qualified Ren Xue teachers and the thriving Ren Xue community - a global, deeply connected community dedicated to the journey towards realization and wisdom. 

Ren Xue system

The Ren Xue organizations

Ren Xue of the Americas was the first non-profit Ren Xue organization founded by Yuan Tze. In the early years, the primary activity was an annual retreat in California, hosted by Yuan Tze and organized by a small team of volunteers. Since that time, RXA has grown and flourished. Today board members, employees, contractors and volunteers continue to expand the range of initiatives that reach many thousands of seekers worldwide.

In addition to Ren Xue International in New Zealand, there are continental organizations in Australasia, Europe, and Africa, and regional organizations serving América Latina, Bulgaria, France, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden and Switzerland. Ren Xue is a global network of more than 400 certified teachers and thousands of students.

Who is Yuan Tze

Yuan Tze, the creator of Ren Xue and Yuan Qigong, is a world-renowned teacher, healer and Qigong master originally from China. In 2002 he arrived in Wellington, New Zealand and began teaching and developing the Ren Xue system. He has been guiding the growth and development of Ren Xue and the global organizations ever since.

Yuan Tze

Programs of Ren Xue of the Americas

Programs developed by Ren Xue of the Americas (RXA) are designed to serve one or more of the three goals of the organization:

  • advance Ren Xue
  • support its teachers
  • strengthen the Ren Xue community


At Home Learning Program

RXA began developing the At Home Learning program in 2016 to offer Yuan Qigong to the widest possible global audience. As an alternative to depending on personal interaction with a teacher, anyone, anywhere, anytime can learn the nine Yuan Qigong methods through this online platform. Students from 46 countries around the world have been able to learn Yuan Qigong through this online program.


Deep Dive

Ren Xue of the Americas offers a series of free Deep Dive workshops to accompany the At Home Learning courses. The workshops can be attended live or watched later and are free to registrants. Each Deep Dive session focuses on a specific aspect of Yuan Qigong, guiding participants to a deeper understanding of the material. The online format provides the opportunity to interact with teachers and practitioners from around the world.


Teacher Training

The RXA teacher training program offers participants a deep and broad understanding of life and a clear path for achieving life’s purpose. The program includes theories, practices and techniques for transforming life. 

The original six-level teacher training was taught by Yuan Tze each year from 2013-2018 during a 2-week residential program. Those original teachings form the core of the training. Teaching and coaching are done in a supportive learning community. 

Once trainees have completed a level and passed the assessments, they are awarded a certificate and qualified to teach the methods and offer the healing techniques they learned at that level. 


Ren Xue TV

RXTV is the YouTube channel for the global Ren Xue community, managed by Ren Xue of the Americas. Weekly videos provide a variety of doorways for entering the Ren Xue world: meditations, demonstrations, documentaries, inspiring stories, Yuan Tze’s wisdom, and explorations of Qigong topics. Our channel has already inspired a million seekers and practitioners worldwide!

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