What is Yuan Qigong

What is Yuan Qigong and what does it mean to me personally? The short answer, is that I have made more clear and direct progress in uplifting life using Yuan Qigong than I have with other spiritual systems I was blessed to study. For this, I am eternally grateful my path crossed with REN XUE and Yuan Qigong! 

So, what is it that makes Yuan Qigong so special?

Modern Qigong

Yuan Tze, the world-renowned Chinese Qigong master teacher, and healer created and began teaching the Yuan Qigong system in 2013. In doing this, it was his true and pure intention to offer a progressive, comprehensive, safe, and efficient Qigong system for the modern world with the aim of helping uplift human civilization. 

His wisdom ensured that this aim can be accomplished through a Qigong system that is principled and theoretically rooted in ancient wisdom, while also easy to learn and very enjoyable to practice. It is a system for everyone, no matter their age, culture, religion, or health condition.

The Benefits of Yuan Qigong

It is easy to gloss over the words ‘progressive, comprehensive, safe, and efficient’, however, they have been carefully chosen. Not all Qigong systems are able to address all levels of human life: 

  • Body
  • Qi
  • Mind
  • Heart
  • and True Self

Yuan Qigong offers innovative methods grounded in solid principles and theories to directly address these levels of life comprehensively. Its main gift is to create stable conditions in the body and mind that enable the cultivation of Realization and Wisdom, one of our highest purposes as a human being. The first steps on this profound journey are healing the body, heart, and mind, improving the quantitiy and quality of our Qi or life force, and experiencing more health and happiness.

The Power of Yuan Qigong

The power of Yuan Qigong is reflected in the sequence of methods and their interplay:

  • Methods 1 – 3 work on external transformation of the Body and Qi, 
  • Methods 4 – 6 progress to working on internal transformation leading to the highest levels of Qi cultivation we can master. 
  • Methods 7 – 9 progress to working on the Heart, consciousness, and a ‘state of deep integration and unification’, of the Soul/Spirit, Consciousness, and Heart. 

Although this appears to be a linear process, in practice it is a constant process of spiraling growth that deepens positive transformations in each practitioner, bringing internal and external harmony to life.

Ren Xue system

Cultivating Ancient Wisdom

“Meticulous Attention to Detail, while Light and Free“

Each Yuan Qigong method contributes to a sure-footed, trustworthy trajectory on the Wisdom Cultivation Path. With highly refined ‘guidelines’ and ‘guardrails’, students become clearer about what is important to give attention to and what is extraneous.

“Focused Practice with Yuan Qi - the Primordial, Undifferentiated Qi of the Void“

Yuan Qigong works with the original, undifferentiated Qi of the universe called Yuan Qi. This Qi, being the Qi of the Void before it divides into Yin and Yang, has all the potential for positive transformation. It is like ‘stem cells’ that can become anything depending on the information they are exposed to. 

The Yuan Qigong Theories

Students of Yuan Qigong learn how to effectively work with three fundamental theories:

  • The Theory of Qi helps us understand Qi as the basic building block for all manifest things in the universe.
  • The Theory of Jingshen supports our understanding of the True Self, Heart, and Consciousness.
  • The Theory of Totality covers the principles behind the objective reality that all is One.

How these theories follow and support each other is essential in understanding Yuan Qigong and its ability to uplift our Qi condition and life.

Enlightenment for the Good of Humanity and the World

Yuan Qigong has the singular outcome at its Heart: 

The manifestation and stable presence of the True Self - or enlightenment - for its practitioners. 

In a world polarized between completely avoiding the idea of enlightenment on the one hand, and overselling the simplicity and ease with which it can be attained on the other, Yuan Tze takes great care to stabilize one’s understanding of what enlightenment truly is, its significance now, the complexities involved in its attainment, and the immense dedication needed to move nearer to it. In Yuan Qigong enlightenment means realizing the True Self, thereby living our true potential as human beings.

Yuan Tze also does not shy away from speaking of the state of disharmony the world is in, nor the responsibility humanity has for changing this for the better. Yuan Qigong equips each of us with a dependable toolbox to be effectively responsible for this imperative, yet not guaranteed, stage of human growth, and ability to contribute positively to a better world.

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