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YUAN TZE is a life cultivation teacher and Qigong master originally from China. In 2002 he arrived in Wellington, New Zealand and established the first ever Ren Xue center for life cultivation. Today Ren Xue is an international network of more than three hundred certified teachers and thousands of students.


Why self-realization and enlightenment are important

Violetta Petrova: You founded REN XUE not so long ago and now at least two of your students have reached the milestone of enlightenment in their life cultivation. Is Ren Xue an incubator of enlightened people?

Yuan Tze: Thank you for your compliment. I created REN XUE because I saw the urgent need for a tool that could help humanity deal with problems, both individually and collectively. These problems have caused a lot of damage to all human and animal life and also to the environment.

I have spent a lifetime studying the life cultivation disciplines in traditional Chinese culture as well as Western developments in philosophy, science, and medicine. I also applied traditional wisdom with sincere and intense conviction when dealing with my own problems. Through this process, I have come to understand that life is an integral whole consisting of the body, Qi and consciousness and that to change life it is essential to work on all of them. It is especially important to work on the consciousness because the unhealthy patterns on this level are at the root of our problems.

So, what contributes to the efficacy of Ren Xue? For a tool to be effective, it needs to work at the root of problems. Ren Xue helps people understand the root causes of their problems on the body, Qi and consciousness levels. Ren Xue also provides a comprehensive system for addressing problems. The outcome of this holistic approach is health, happiness, sense of wellbeing, and growth.

Growth in Ren Xue specifically refers to making progress in the development of realization and wisdom, which is also the ultimate goal of Ren Xue life cultivation on the personal level. Enlightenment is a milestone in the process of this development. It is characterized by the consistent manifestation of one’s “True Self”.

I know more and more diligent Ren Xue practitioners will progress via these stepping-stones and reach the milestone of enlightenment. Ren Xue provides a pathway to make this seemingly unreachable milestone reachable.

Violetta Petrova: Both Norberto and Dorrie, say in the documentary Already Free (2019, dir. Kim Shelton) that the great opening of their hearts happened at one of the retreats with you. What do you do to people’s hearts?

Yuan Tze: A few important factors are at play at the retreats. Firstly, there is a strong Qifield which contains a large amount of Qi and carries potent information. It supports everyone and hugely increases the chances of getting what we are trying to achieve.

Secondly, my teachings are shared via heart-to-heart transmission. This is a special, two-way communication that allows information to go to a very deep level of the heart and consciousness. This could initiate change immediately. Sometimes the change can even be dramatic.

Lastly, the retreat during which Norberto and Dorrie experienced the great change of their hearts had a special focus – the heart. Participants engaged in very intense learning about the heart, and applied these learnings to their own heart in a profound way, specifically cultivating the Five Xin, or five essential qualities of the heart – trust, openness, love, gratitude, and Gongjing (true respect).

With these three components working together—the Qifield, heart-to-heart transmission, and the Five Xin—many people experienced remarkable changes to their hearts, including the great opening. The great opening of the heart not only brings dramatic change to life but also serves as a solid foundation for attaining enlightenment.


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Violetta Petrova: On many occasions, you spoke that humanity stands at a crossroads. Could you explain what are our choices if we want a better future for all?

Yuan Tze: For thousands of years, humanity has been taking mostly an ‘external approach’, that is, using external means to achieve the goals of better health, happiness, a sense of wellbeing, and growth. These include the pursuit of money, fame, status, power and control. We mistakenly believe that the more of these we gain, the happier and more fulfilling life will be.

If we are to examine this approach honestly, it is not difficult to see that this has been an unsuccessful approach. Not only because these important goals have not become reality, but this approach was extremely damaging to the health and wellbeing of humans and the planet. It led us to the severe problems and crises we are facing. Now our survival is at stake.

It only makes sense to change the approach. REN XUE promotes the ‘internal approach’; that is, turning the focus to ourselves. We will discover that all these wonderful treasures we look for are already within us. The obstacles that are in the way as we try to uncover them are also within ourselves. We just need to work on ourselves to remove those obstacles and the treasures will naturally be revealed. Start learning from Yuan Tze.

Violetta Petrova: What are the obstacles?

Yuan Tze: The main obstacles are the unhealthy patterns of the consciousness mentioned above. They drive us to rely on external means to gain a little sense of control and security.

Ren Xue can be used to identify the unhealthy patterns and provide the ‘know-how’ to transform them. This way our hearts will be restored to a natural, healthy state. The five essential qualities will fully manifest. Most importantly, the realization and wisdom of the ‘True Self’ will also manifest. A life guided by wisdom will not damage life and the planet.

When more and more people do this internal work and grow in realization and wisdom, the world will be more peaceful and harmonious. The health of the plant will be restored.
I firmly believe that if humanity wishes to survive, following a path to realization and wisdom is the only solution.

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YUAN TZE is a world-renowned teacher, healer and Qigong master. From a young age he was motivated by a desire to uplift his own life and to help others. His early years were spent in his native China, studying and applying Daoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Qigong, martial arts and Traditional Chinese Medicine. His decades-long search led to the realization that a safe, effective and comprehensive system for cultivating human life did not exist. So he began developing the theories, methods and teachings that we now know as REN XUE.

REN XUE offers a unique path for transforming all aspects of life, with powerful tools that draw from both traditional wisdom and modern scientific understanding. YUAN TZE is able to convey information in the most profound way. His presence and wisdom have inspired hundreds of teachers and thousands of practitioners worldwide.

Learn more about YUAN TZE’s remarkable life story here.


 This interview was conducted by Ren Xue teacher Violetta Petrova.






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