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A daily Qigong routine in my life? How did that happen? I have never been great about making and keeping good habits, so why commit myself to a daily Qigong routine? How many times have I started an exercise program, a healthy diet, or a daily meditation practice? Too many to count in my 50 years. How many times did I keep that habit for more than a couple of weeks or a month? I can count those on one hand.

When I discovered Ren Xue and the Yuan Qigong system, the results I got from a couple of weeks of short daily Qigong routine convinced me I should give it an honest attempt. Six months later, not only am I practicing my Qigong routine every day but I practice for an hour twice a day! If you knew me, you would know that this is a miracle. Not only that, but my morning and evening practice have become so important to me and so enjoyable, that I really can’t imagine that I will ever give them up.

So why? What is it about Yuan Qigong that has inspired me to establish and successfully KEEP such a robust practice?

The benefits of a daily Qigong routine

The benefits of my daily Qigong routine that I experience multiply as I keep going. Physically, I no longer suffer from neck and back pain, joint pain, or vertigo that I’ve had for many years. That alone is enough for me to keep practicing, but the benefits don’t stop there. 

My daily Yuan Qigong practice helps me to reach a calm, relaxed, and natural state. I feel content and like I am exactly where I belong. I’ve had a habit of being consumed by work, and having trouble ‘turning off’ at the end of the day. I’ve noticed a profound difference since I’ve started a daily Yuan Qigong practice. My work feels more easeful and I’m more productive, and when the work day is done, I can completely let it go.

This past year, my personal relationships and circumstances have been some of the most difficult I have known in my life,  but I’ve never felt so content and capable of handling whatever comes. I know I have my daily Qigong routine and study of Ren Xue and Yuan Qigong to thank for this. I notice that in the face of some of the most challenging times, I feel ease and gratitude. I feel more confident that I can trust myself and life no matter what happens, and all of that means that I’m not anxious about the future or trying to escape this moment for a better one I hope will come.

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How to establish a daily Qigong routine

Like most people, when someone tells me that I need to do something every day to get meaningful benefits - my first reaction is that I don’t have the time for that. But what I’ve realized is that the only thing I’ve given up is the time I used to waste on pointless distractions or anxious behavior. 

I no longer immediately check my phone for emails and messages as soon as I wake up, or spend 30 minutes or more mindlessly scrolling social media in bed. Shortly after I wake up, I practice Qigong. When I’m done I feel light and relaxed. I have a shower and enjoy a nice breakfast before I start my workday from home or head into the office. 

I also used to work late, have dinner late, then binge-watch something (or more social media scrolling - usually both at the same time). I wanted to distract myself from worrying about what I didn’t get done that day and from thinking about my problems, and told myself that these activities helped me to relax.

Checking my emails right away in the morning, skipping breakfast, and overworking are all habits. To successfully establish a daily Qigong routine, I had to replace those habits with  more healthy practices. This is not easy, but it is something we can all do.

What I do now is end my work day on time, have a nourishing dinner, and spend some time doing something that really makes me happy. Then I practice Qigong before I go to bed. I feel completely calm and relaxed and easily fall asleep.

It just takes a little bit of self-reflection to see that I definitely have time to practice each morning and evening instead of what I was doing before. What I get in return are all of the healthy benefits I’ve mentioned, and more I haven’t. 

How to make your daily Qigong routine a new habit

One thing that has worked for me is posting my progress on social media. I am trying a #100DayGong, which means that if I do my daily practice, I post something related to it on Facebook and other social media, and I mark it each day. This helps me to stay accountable because it can be very easy to break the promises we make to ourselves to keep a new, healthy habit. By posting to social media, and making a rule for myself that I can only post for the day if I do my practice, I‘m letting all of my friends and family help to hold me accountable. For me, it works! Think about what you can try to do to help hold yourself accountable to following a daily Qigong routine. Then just keep doing it!

How long should your Qigong practice be

Now you may be wondering, is an hour of practice twice a day every day necessary to get great results? Absolutely not! How often should you practice to get meaningful results? I started to really feel a difference with just 20 minutes of practice once a day. I do believe that any practice is better than no practice and that if you just do it and do it with kindness and love for yourself and without judgment, meaningful results will come. As you see and feel the difference it makes, you will want to do more and the benefits will grow. What do you have to lose?

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