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First, we’ll give you an idea of what to expect from Qigong.

Getting familiar with Qigong

I admit that my first encounter with Qigong was not easy at all. I came from a strong yoga background and I loved my yoga practice so much. Doing the calm and slow movements of Qigong with a mind that would never stop talking was quite a challenge! I even had resistance when I realized that calming my busy and always worrying mind and filling up my worn-out body with new energy was actually exactly what I needed. Why? Because I thought I would never ever be able to get into a calm and relaxed state, and questioned whether I was ready for a change like this. Did I really want to face the root causes of my depressive exhaustion? Wouldn’t it be easier to just keep on running and trying to force life to function according to my will? And, after all, is it really possible to heal yourself with Qigong?

I was already familiar with many self-awareness and healing methods but it actually was Qigong that brought me out of my comfort zone and helped me to create real changes in my life.

When I was introduced to Yuan Qigong, I felt that I finally had found a powerful and precious tool to work on life as a whole. I began reading a book about how Qigong works and was surprised to learn how much power our consciousness holds over our health and wellbeing and what an important role our heart plays, too.

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Experiencing Qi

Despite discovering that Qigong is very effective, I still didn’t really commit myself to a regular practice until the day I experienced what Qi truly is and how much influence it actually has on life.

I was a single mom at the time with a newborn son. I had extreme sleeping issues and I was physically and emotionally exhausted to a point where my health was in real danger.

The friend who had introduced me to Qigong a year and a half earlier was organizing a weekend workshop with world-renowned teacher and healer, Yuan Tze. So, I went and experienced the first Qi healing of my life – a tremendous eye-opener I will never forget!

Experiencing a Qifield

When I walked into the training hall I immediately felt very calm and at home, surrounded by a loving and nourishing atmosphere. This feeling had been missing from my life for such a long time. I didn’t know that I was experiencing the effect of a very strong and beneficial Qifield, filled with positive, loving and healing information. The nourishing atmosphere I naturally sensed, had been created by Yuan Tze to support the event.


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Heal yourself with Qigong: What is a Qi healing?

I was impressed and very touched by this friendly looking, humble Chinese master who had traveled all the way from New Zealand to Germany to share his wisdom with us. At the end of the day, he offered a Qi healing for the whole group, transmitting strong, positive, healing Qi and information.

To me this healing felt as if someone in the room had turned on a huge Qi machine where I could recharge my battery. This was mind-blowing! And really special! And indeed, I recharged my battery, the battery of my life…

After the healing, I felt so happy and light inside, a feeling that I had not felt in a very long time. I came home and started crawling on the floor with my baby – underneath tables and chairs – and we had lots and lots of fun. I was so grateful because playing with my baby had become a rare event – I was just too exhausted to do most anything at all.

Heal yourself with Qigong for daily life

Since that day, I have practiced Qigong as often as possible. I just love my daily Qigong routine and started going to retreats and Qi healings with Yuan Tze and before long I could feel real changes happening in my life. Over the years, I have witnessed more and more astonishing changes and new abilities within myself. I have more energy, my heart is present and more open, I am able to recover more quickly from illness and I am able to support my son’s healing. I am even able to perform Qi healings myself. In recent years, step by step, my mind has become calmer and I am able to really trust my intuition.

As I started using Qigong more and more to deal with everyday life situations, I was surprised how quickly and effectively the tools work. Learning to allow more self-respect and self-love in my life was a catalyst for my healing process, too.

It has also been very inspiring to see fellow Yuan Qigong practitioners from all over the world improve their health and their whole lives so profoundly. Discovering the power of Qi and Yuan Qigong has been such an important and amazing gift that I now wish to share it with everyone! Perhaps you will want to begin yourself with one of my favorite methods, Gathering Qi.

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