How to Change Patterns in Your Life


If you want real change to happen in your life, changing patterns is indispensable for your true self to manifest and to navigate life from a very different place.‘ (Yuan Tze, 2021)

Yuan Qigong is a Qigong system, designed to work on all aspects of life: our body, our Qi condition, our heart qualities and the unhealthy patterns of the consciousness. Ling Yuan – Changing Patterns, the 8th method of the Yuan Qigong system, is a very special and unique internal Qigong method. The practice helps us identify the problematic patterns that most humans share, and gently guides us in our efforts to replace them with more positive, constructive ones. This advanced Qigong method is a life changing experience!

Ling Yuan – Changing Patterns. New At Home Learning Course now available online!

Ren Xue teachers all over the world are practicing and teaching Ling Yuan – the method for changing unhealthy patterns.

In the following podcast Yuan Qigong and Ren Xue teachers Sabine and Jay from Shine Bright Centre in New Zealand share their experiences with identifying patterns and working on them in a very effective, yet lighthearted way. Please enjoy!


The Obstacle is the Path – Podcast with Sabine and Jay


What are the Patterns of the Consciousness?

Although we may not be familiar with the term ‘patterns of the consciousness,’ we are all familiar with what patterns look and feel like. Avoiding and hiding, seeking approval, and wanting to control are just a few of these patterns. In most of us, the patterns work below the surface, inserting themselves into most any situation and negatively impacting our quality of life.

Are you familiar with this situation: a strong feeling arises, seemingly from nowhere, and you react in a split second? There is little or no consideration as to whether and how to respond in a beneficial way – beneficial for yourself and for those around you. 

When trying to understand life, including any health or relationship problems, it all comes down to the same thing: patterns! Recognizing them is the first step, but making real change to life requires serious work: understanding them, facing them, and then changing them by finding a better way to respond.

There are so many problems in the world today! Although everyone wants to be healthy and happy, it’s hard to find a safe and effective way to get there – an approach that addresses the root cause of our problems. Patterns of the consciousness can be so annoying! And yet they are determining every decision we make, every response we give and every direction we take in our lives. If we want a better life, and a better world, we need to transform our patterns.

Start your journey today: Practice Ling Yuan – the method to transform unhealthy patterns of the consciousness and the heart. New At Home Learning Course available now!

Join us in exploring Xin – the Spiritual Heart and Shen – the True Self and strengthening their connection to each other to work on unhealthy patterns from a very deep level and make fast progress to transform them. 



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Sabine had a very busy life running a successful Pilates studio in Wellington city. One day she decided to give this all up and move to Waitati, a small semi rural town just North of Dunedin, a small city in the far south of New Zealand. Here she planned to teach Qigong and Ren Xue, along with Pilates. The problem however was that Jay was already teaching classes locally and she wasn’t sure how to go about starting some of her own. One nice conversation later however, and Jay and Sabine had started planning their first course together. Since then they have taught a number of workshops and classes together, both in person and online. They also have a nice website and a podcast. Jay has a background in magic, juggling and performance and is passionate about how work on our overall state of life affects everything we do, including our work and relationships. Sabine is passionate about teaching and exploring the mind, body, heart connection and is grateful to Ren Xue and Qigong practice for allowing her to take this exploration to a deeper level.
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