Integration and Unification in Yuan Qigong


Integration and unification are both important practices in Ren Xue and Yuan Qigong. As these two terms are also used in other teachings it will be helpful for this article, to define them as taught by Yuan Tze, the founder of Ren Xue and the Yuan Qigong system.

What does Integration mean?

Integration is the active choice or decision to merge and become one with something other. This ‘something other’ may be either internal or external. 

What does Unification mean?

Unification is the end result or natural outcome of effective integration. It means that two or more things have become one and the distinctions that previously separated them have completely dissolved.

Ways of Integrating and Unifying Internally

In Ren Xue and Yuan Qigong, we practice 3 ways of integrating and unifying internally:

1. Integration and Unification of the Consciousness with the Body

  • Merging consciousness with the physical movements and form.
  • Focusing consciousness on the breath, entwining them harmoniously.
  • Cultivating sensitivity to inner activities of the body, e.g. heart rate, temperature, tonicity of muscles, joint tension/relaxation, etc.

Over time, consciousness and the body will have a stronger ‘relationship’ and their communications are received and acted upon in more supportive ways, in both directions.


2. Integration and Unification of the Consciousness with Qi (Life Energy)

This may seem impossible if one hasn’t as yet experienced Qi, however through Yuan Qigong, with time, clear instruction, and dedicated practice, this natural human ability develops. And the ability to positively influence aspects of reality, by working with this fundamental building block of the universe, Qi, follows.


3. Integration and Unification of the Consciousness with the Good State

The good state is one that builds upon relaxed, calm, and natural, to support integration and unification internally and externally. It progresses to an internal state of harmony and naturally evolves to become the platform for integrating and unifying the heart and True Self with consciousness. 

With consistent practice, the awareness that arises from the True Self, called Jue Cha, develops, offering its infinite wisdom to our life.

Ways of Integrating and Unifying Externally

In Ren Xue we also practice external unification.

Integration and Unification with the Human Family

As internal integration and unification develop, the sense that all humans are members of one family grows. The experience of a beneficent and friendly world deepens, as our heart grows more trusting, open, loving, and filled with gratitude, and true respect. Living in a stable way in these heart-based states, we then naturally wish for the good of all others and focus our consciousness on the Qifield of the whole of the human family, directing positive wishes for each person, for human society, and civilization as a whole.


Integration and Unification with Nature

Our ongoing internal process develops a finer awareness of how all non-human beings, the earth, and the entire natural cosmos, are also family. 

Naturally, we choose to direct our consciousness toward this vast family and from a deep place in our hearts, send it positive wishes for upliftment and harmony.


Integration and Unification with the Light of Dao

The more advanced Yuan Qigong practices, prefaced by years of dedicated practice at the foundation levels, bring us to this place, where consciousness alone is no longer sufficient in a choice to integrate and unify. In these higher internal methods, the devoted practice has developed all levels of being human: the body, Qi, heart, consciousness, and the True Self, and enables success in the choice to integrate and unify with the light of Dao (the essence, principles, and great wisdom of the universe) to come from a profound inner place of utmost reverence, true respect, and complete surrender. Here, we abandon any attachment and desire to anything we prefer, or have an aversion to, dissolving our ‘willful self’ completely into the wisdom light of the universe, to be used for its purposes. 

Irrespective of the level we begin at, being guided by the theories and principles of Yuan Qigong, we develop the skill of focusing our consciousness to integrate and unify with any of the above, and more, cultivating our ability to uplift our life and that of others, safely, effectively, and efficiently.

The Heart Prayer

In Ren Xue we practice the heart prayer to build a powerful Qifield and to connect and unify with ourself, the human family, the earth and the whole universe. Start practicing integration and unification by getting into a relaxed and calm state and listening to the heart prayer with an open heart.

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