What are Qifields?


The universe is composed of Qi (energy) and Qi is organized into fields – or Qifields. Remember in Star Wars, when Obi Wan Kenobi said, “There’s a disturbance in the Force.” We all more or less knew what he meant. Obi Wan then explained that the Force “. . .is an energy field created by all living things; it binds the galaxy together.” George Lucas, borrowing on the theory behind Chinese medicine, Qigong, and martial arts created the Star Wars series that featured the “Qifield” (called the Force) as a powerful but invisible character.

Yes, there is an all-pervasive, invisible field that connects us all and which you can learn to feel and sense. But did you know that you too have a personal field? That your home has a field, your neighborhood has a field? Your field interacts with the other fields of people, places and things.

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What influence do Qifields have?

Qifields contain both Qi and information that guide the direction of our lives. What information does your Qifield contain? If the information is positive and the Qi around you is abundant, life is healthy, happy and flows easily. If the information is negative and Qi is scarce or blocked, life is challenging.

The information in a Qifield comes from the ideas and beliefs we learned from our families, friends, schools, and society. It may be conscious, or unconscious. The information we have learned can be changed and Qi can be increased and stored. By simply changing a negative idea to a more positive one, life can flow more smoothly. For example, you could change, “I can never afford a new car” to “I may be able to afford a new car” to “I’m going to get a new car this summer!” You can feel the energy shift just in reading the words.

Another way to upgrade your life is to put yourself in places that make you feel good or by spending time with people who have the qualities you wish to cultivate. Let the interaction with those positive Qifields affect and change your own field.

Qi therapy – working with your own Qifield

Yuan Qigong practice helps us improve our personal Qifield by gathering and storing more Qi (life force/energy) and upgrading the information it contains. Yuan Qigong begins with methods that gather and store Qi, move Qi through our channels and bring Qi to our organs and all parts of the body. This is followed by a method to cultivate and open our hearts. With strong Qi and an open heart, we are ready for the next method that identifies the negative patterns and information embedded in our fields and upgrades them. With each step, the quality of our field improves and consequently the quality of our life improves.

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The Heart Prayer: Connecting to the REN XUE Qifield

One way to access the powerful Ren Xue Qifield is through the Ren Xue Heart Prayer. This beautiful prayer is your portal to the Ren Xue Qifield which contains all the information you need to uplift your life and move to a state of well-being. As you read or recite it, let the information wash over you and take it deeply into your heart.

Here’s the first line: May everyone go into their heart to find refuge and feel safe.
Take your time and connect with the transformative power of feeling safe before you move to the next line.

You can find the rest of the heart prayer here:

How to create a Qifield?

You can build a Qifield for a specific purpose such as a medical procedure or harmony in your household. Consider the outcome you would like to see and select about five qualities that will comprise the information you will put into the field. For a medical procedure, you might choose qualities like, “relaxed, safe, easy, effective and successful.” To improve the information in the Qifield of your household, you may select “harmony, peace, cooperation, love, and respect.”

Then sit quietly and begin to pull Qi. Put your hands close together without touching. Feel or sense the Qi between them. Open your hands a few inches and then move them back in. Use this open and closing of your hands to gather and compact Qi almost like you’re making a snowball. Then begin to add the information you’ve selected. Imagine the outcomes you intend in great detail. Trust that the situation will evolve as you intend. After several minutes, when you feel ready, gently bring the Qifield you have created back to your heart. Place your hands over your heart and let it absorb into your being.

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For more information on Qifields see Wellbeing Begins with You.

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