Circulating Qi & Opening the Central Channel

If you’ve practiced any of the other Yuan Qigong methods, you may have sensed Qi in the body. Qi flows in the many channels of your body – 12 main ones and many ancillary ones. These channels can become blocked or deteriorate over time or, as is the case for the Central Channel, simply not have opened or functioned after birth.

Yuan Qigong Methods 5 (Circulating Qi/Zhong Yuan) and 6 (Opening the Central Channel/Shang Yuan) facilitate the smooth flow of Qi through the channels to every part of the body. Freely flowing Qi promotes health and vigor. The practice of these two methods also promotes the development of special abilities, the unification of the body (Jing), Qi and the true self (Shen), and the elevation of awareness and realization.

These methods draw on various aspects of Qigong, Daoism, Buddhism, and Yoga. Through in-depth exploration and practice, Yuan Tze has extracted and refined the essence of these aspects to create the fifth and sixth methods of Yuan Qigong. These methods are rare and special, and very effective for opening channels. Most importantly, they are very safe to practice as safety was the foremost criterion in their design.

Both Circulating Qi and Opening the Central Channel are still Qigong methods. The twenty techniques of the practices can have profound effects on the Xing (the body), Qi and Shen. For that reason, these methods are only offered through certified teachers and are not recommended for those with certain medical conditions. (To be put in touch with a certified teacher, please contact registrar@renxueamericas.org).

Safety Considerations for Circulating Qi and Opening the Central Channel

It is possible that past, current or potential mental or neurological conditions can be triggered during the practices. Ren Xue considers safety to be of utmost importance and consequently, does not recommend these methods for anyone who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, paranoia, or epilepsy; has suffered from hallucination (as part of a mental health disorder) or suicidal tendencies; or has been hospitalized for a mental condition or is on the autism spectrum. If you have a family history of any of these conditions, REN XUE also counsels against participation, but leaves the decision up to you.

Additionally, those who have had any symptoms or have relied on medication to control symptoms, of the following, during the indicated time frames, should not practice the methods:

In the last 2 years: alcohol abuse, panic attacks or suffered a significant head injury.

In the last 3 years: hallucinations as part of regular substance abuse.

In the last 5 years: diagnosed anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, anorexia, obsessive compulsive disorder.

In the last 10 years: self-harming behavior, recurrent suicidal thoughts, psychosis, or diagnosed severe depression or personality disorder.

In the last 15 years: active suicide attempt.