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Discovering Qigong practices for back pain was a significant turning point in my life. I have suffered from neck, back, and shoulder pain for most of my adult life. I’ve blamed it on my work: I’ve been sitting at a computer for many years as a software developer. But I also know we hold emotions and stress in our shoulders and I’ve always been a very busy person with a lot of responsibility. I’ve tried all sorts of things to alleviate my pain and other challenging symptoms: 

  • I’ve regularly seen an acupuncturist for more than 15 years
  • I’ve had numerous scans of all types to try to diagnose the source of migraines and vertigo 
  • I’ve tried different drugs prescribed by my doctors to alleviate symptoms
  • I’ve gone to physiotherapists and naturopaths
  • I’ve practiced yoga regularly (until I had to stop because of my vertigo)
  • I’ve tried mindfulness techniques to improve my posture and working habits 
  • I’ve spent lots of my own and company money on ergonomic desks, chairs, and aids

   and much more... 

While many things I’ve tried made some difference, nothing has given me the results I really want. The truth is I was suffering from some level of pain every moment of every day, and sometimes it escalated to the point that I couldn’t function in my daily life.

How I discovered Yuan Qigong

In 2022, everything changed when I discovered Qigong. I was in isolation in a bedroom of my home with COVID. I didn’t feel too bad so I was working to avoid going stir-crazy alone in the tiny room. Instead of working at my desk with my nice chair and ergonomic setup, I was sitting in my daughter’s bed over a laptop. After only a couple of days, my neck, back, and shoulder pain became unbearable. I knew I had to do something if I was going to be able to keep working.

I had heard of Qigong before and knew that it could be practiced in a small space. A YouTube search brought me to the practice of Tian Yuan (Gathering Qi), and I decided to give it a try.

I immediately fell in love with the beautiful, simple, and gentle movements. I could tell right away that just this practice had tremendous potential to alleviate my pain because I had some relief from the first time I practiced. As soon as I was well and out of isolation, I found a local teacher, and my regular Qigong practice of Tian Yuan (Gathering Qi) began.

Quick results with Yuan Qigong for back pain

Within  two weeks of a short daily practice of 20 minutes each evening, I no longer had headaches. My neck, shoulders, and back felt much better - I could feel they were less tense and there was only a hint of soreness at the end of the working day, which was alleviated by my evening practice before I went to sleep. My sleep improved and I didn’t wake up with the stiffness in my neck, back, and shoulders that I had become used to feeling every morning.

I kept up my practice and after another 2 weeks, the vertigo that had plagued me for several years was completely gone. This was a miracle for me! 

All of this for a short 20 minute practice once a day! I could hardly believe it.

How Qigong changed my life

Since I returned from the Qigong retreat with the world-renowned Qigong teacher Yuan Tze held in New Zealand at the end of 2022, I’ve been even more dedicated to my daily practice and I am enjoying even greater results. I still have occasional soreness in my neck and back at the end of a busy workday but it doesn’t last and is immediately soothed with practice.  

I still have no vertigo and no headaches! Working with my doctor, I have stopped taking medication to prevent my vertigo, and it hasn’t come back. I would happily shout from the rooftops about this practice for this result alone.

This one Tian Yuan (Gathering Qi) Qigong practice has literally changed my life. I will always be grateful for this beautiful and simple healing tool and encourage others to give it a try.

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