Qigong for Beginners


Qigong for Beginners: How to start learning Qigong

There are several effective ways how to start learning Qigong - the fascinating ancient practice with slow movements, still practices and meditations. Qigong practice helps you gain more energy, supports your health and wellbeing and enhances your spiritual growth.

The 7 best ways to start learning Qigong

You can start learning Qigong taking any of these 7 steps:

Qigong for Beginners: Can you teach yourself Qigong?

We highly recommend learning our Qigong methods properly from a certified teacher. Although the movements might look easy, without proper guidance beginners can easily practice incorrectly, especially when they are not familiar with the powerful mind activity behind each method. This can lead to unsatisfactory results or even harmful effects. Our online courses are designed to help you get started with Qigong in a safe and effective way.

How can I learn Qigong online?

You can learn Qigong online through our At Home Learning program designed by world-renowned Qigong master Yuan Tze. We offer a Beginner Set which helps you enter the world of Qigong and get a better understanding of the profound teachings the REN XUE system provides. In the Beginner Set you will learn effective movements, mind activities, visualizations and breathing techniques for gathering and nourishing Qi.
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