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Qigong healing practices have been part of Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. Yuan Qigong can be a powerful tool for activating your self-healing capacities. Our bodies are capable of ongoing transformation and healing. Yuan Qigong supports this process by improving your energy levels, the flow of your Qi in the body, and the information within the body itself. It helps calm the mind and initiates a deep state of renewal and recovery.

Yuan Qigong healing techniques are designed to support your individual healing journey. Learning how to reconnect to your heart during the practice and using your consciousness in a positive way can make a huge difference in your healing process. Yuan Qigong helps you establish greater peace and harmony in life and contributes to personal and spiritual growth.

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Using the Heart to Heal

The gift of healing is something we can give to ourselves and others equally. When we do healing for ourselves, through the connection of our hearts, we are also giving healing to others. A Qi Healing is a wonderful gift that helps us experience well-being, love, and wisdom.

A Qi Healing is performed by a Certified Yuan Ming practitioner who is trained to use his consciousness and his heart to create a powerful Qifield for healing. The recipient receives strong positive Qi and information which nourishes the whole body and supports the healing process.

John Shepherd is a qualified Level 6 Yuan Qigong Teacher and Yuan Ming practitioner based in Wellington, New Zealand. He teaches free Deep Dive workshops at Ren Xue of the Americas. In his Qi healing sessions, he supports the healing journey of people from all over the world. Watch his personal story:


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