What is a Qigong retreat?


A Ren Xue retreat is a wonderful opportunity to withdraw from your busy life and make space for relaxation and rest to recharge, restore and revitalize your life force. It is an opportunity to reconnect to yourself, develop new abilities and healthier habits, find answers deep inside and get in touch with and realize your true potential. Many people attend a Ren Xue retreat not only to recharge and heal but also because of a strong desire for personal development and spiritual growth.

For whom is a Ren Xue retreat suitable?

Feeling the need to retreat and rest is very common and natural. A Ren Xue retreat is therefore suitable for anyone who wants to withdraw from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. No matter what age or health condition or personal background you have, a Ren Xue retreat can help to calm down and feel more grounded and connected. It also provides an opportunity for self-discovery and healing and can be a wonderful support for recovery from illness or a crisis. Learning from Yuan Tze and changing our perspective by going inside allows us to see life more clearly and move forward from a place of wisdom and trust.

How can I participate from home?

A Ren Xue retreat with world-renowned life cultivation teacher and healer Yuan Tze is a special, often life-changing experience. You can participate in-person or join the online program with daily Qigong and meditation practices with a global community via Zoom, daily talks with Yuan Tze answering our questions, several Qi healing sessions over the course of the retreat and daily Tea & Qi groups where you can meet fellow retreatants from all over the world. You can participate live in each session or watch the recordings at your leisure.

Make time for yourself! Connect to an open-hearted and supportive community! Get inspired by the profound wisdom Yuan Tze’ s extraordinary teachings convey!


The next in-person retreat with Yuan Tze will be from from May 5-14, 2023.

We invite you to join us online or in person in France! More details coming soon.

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Listen to what people say about our retreats

Kindness and Compassion

The most valuable thing about my first Ren Xue retreat was being with Yuan Tze for nine days. His compassion and kindness penetrated through the screen as he answered our questions with the deepest wisdom and generosity. There were moments when my heart swelled and I was moved to tears. I began to relax and feel what was going on inside. Now as I continue to trust my inner experience, life is improving and I am learning to direct that same wonderful compassion and kindness I received towards myself and others.

Marianne, Iowa, USA

Long distance Qigong

My first Qigong retreat with Yuan Tze (Sweden 2018) was an unforgettable experience. I could feel a strong connection among all the participants and the beautiful Qifield we created. Two years later with the pandemic, it became impossible to have a face-to-face retreat. Although each participant was in a different place and time zone we still could create a strong Qifield, just like during face-to-face retreats. I remember watching all the pictures of the participants and connecting in some way with everyone, although we didn’t know each other. Even the healings were as powerful as in person. And I got to do it in the comfort of my home!!

Carlos, Mexico City


The next Retreat with Yuan Tze will be from May 5 -14, 2023

We invite you to join us online or in person in France. More details coming soon.

Meanwhile please check out our One-day workshops here


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