What is Qi Healing?


Qigong healing practices have been part of Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. They activate and support the self-healing power of your body by enhancing the flow of Qi (your life force) in your energy channels (meridians). Qi healing techniques improve the quality and amount of Qi in the body and help clear Qi deficiency, Qi blockages or, Qi disturbance. They nourish the whole body with positive Qi and information which support the healing process. 

It also helps quiet the mind, clear negative emotions, and get into a deeply relaxed and calm state where true healing becomes possible. Physical pain, tension, and stress can be reduced and a sense of well-being and unification or oneness can be experienced. Body, mind, heart, and spirit will be more unified and balanced.

How does Qi healing work?

The Qi practitioner uses their consciousness and their heart to activate Qi (energy) to create a powerful Qifield for healing. Then they transmit positive Qi and information to the recipient or a group of recipients. The more open the receiver, the deeper the Qi and information can be transmitted into the body. This is important to bring the body’s Qi back to a healthy, balanced and harmonious state.

What is the purpose of Qi healing?

The purpose is to clear unhealthy Qi and information in the body. Ren Xue Qi healing uses external Qi in its original form. Original pure universal Qi is directed into the recipient’s body. Practitioner and recipient should both be in a very calm, relaxed, and open state. The recipient needs to be open, trusting, and actively involved in the Qi healing process to get the best possible results. Qi can be directed into the whole body or to certain parts of the body where the patient is suffering from any health conditions. The recipient often can feel the Qi in this area, e.g. s/he feels warmth, a pleasant tingling, movement, relaxation. Sometimes stronger Qi reactions can happen in the body or on the emotional or mental level. Ren Xue teachings provide proper guidance on how to deal with these Qi reactions.

How to learn Qigong healing techniques?

We all have an innate ability to heal ourselves and others. The Ren Xue system offers profound teachings about Qi healing, and how to use the consciousness and the heart to direct Qi and information for the purpose of healing. Anyone can learn the basics for performing effective Qi healing on themselves and others. It is such an amazing experience to get in touch with our true healing potential as human beings. It is so natural that we humans can heal ourselves and help others to heal, but it seems that we have almost forgotten about this ability! We also have the ability to connect with animals and plants and help them grow and heal using these techniques.

Free Qigong energy healing practice

Start learning to help yourself and others with Qi healing techniques. If you would like to get a glimpse of how to gather Qi and use it for healing yourself, please watch this short video about the Pulling Qi technique.


Qigong for healing

Practicing Yuan Qigong is another way of activating your self-healing capacities. Our bodies are capable of ongoing transformation and healing. Yuan Qigong supports this process by improving your energy levels, the flow of your Qi in the body, and the information within the body itself. It helps calm the mind and initiates a deep state of renewal and recovery.

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