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Why do many rehabilitation centers offer Qigong instruction for recovery? After a period of illness, pain, movement dysfunction, or a host of other issues, rehabilitation may be recommended. People are often surprised that along with therapy and special equipment, many are offered Qigong instruction. Some haven’t previously heard anything about Qigong or its potential to ease physical symptoms. Experiencing Qigong for the first time, they can be shocked (or even moved to tears) by how this simple practice improves physical symptoms but also deeply reconnects the heart and life energy.

Yuan Qigong allows you to be who you really are and come into contact with your true nature. It can be a wonderful healing experience.

People report they felt they were finally allowed to live a part of themselves that had always been there but that they hadn‘t realized existed. This is often the experience people have when they first become aware of Qi (energy or life force) moving in their body. During Qigong practice, it is possible to suddenly experience a tingling or a very pleasant flow of warmth throughout the whole body that makes you feel very alive. Regular practice enhances the feeling of a strong and healthy body and grows your trust in your body’s ability to heal. These experiences are, of course, very helpful and supportive during rehab.


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Rehab centers all over the world use Qigong as an effective practice to support the healing process of their clients and to offer them a tool to reduce stress and get into a more calm and relaxed, even joyful state. Working only on the body without working on Qi (your energy) and your mindset is far less effective than giving these three aspects of a human life all room to positively influence one another and to change and heal. 

Qigong practice can be used for prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation. It perfectly supports cardiac and respiratory rehabilitation and is also a wonderful practice for patients with chronic heart diseases, elderly people, and people who are having difficulty engaging in physical activity. Qigong also supports emotion regulation, recovery from severe back problems, burnout conditions, and addiction.

After rehab, many people intend to continue their Qigong practice but have trouble finding a nearby teacher. Ren Xue offers a unique At Home Learning program for its Yuan Qigong methods. It also offers online and in-person retreats, Qigong classes by local teachers all over the world, and a special Yuan Qigong teacher training curriculum.

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Andreas is a Yuan Qigong and Ren Xue teacher in Stockholm, Sweden. View his personal story of how he found Qigong and why he now practices Yuan Qigong and Ren Xue.


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