Qigong At-Home Learning Courses

Yuan Gong methods are easy-to-learn and effective. Yuan Gong is the only Qigong system specifically designed to work on all levels of life – balancing the body from head to toe, improving the Qi condition and calming the mind.

Seven At-Home Learning Guides contain PDFs and audio and video files to fully explain and demonstrate each method (routine) and its underlying concepts. Each Guide has four sets of materials and links, sent weekly to you via email, to incrementally increase your knowledge and ability. Each course also comes with the option to purchase a private online session with a teacher at a discounted rate.

See below for an overview of all our online courses.

Private Sessions – Qi Healing

If you are already familiar with Yuan Gong and looking for support, or if you are interested in a Qi healing, you can arrange for an introductory private online session, independent from our online course offerings.

Yuan Gong can be separated into two practice levels:

1  The Yuan Gong methods that primarily address body and Qi (energy).
2  The Yuan Gong methods that primarily address the heart and mind.

In addition to MP3 audio and written instructions, most At-Home Learning courses include an instructional video and a practice video like this one »

The Yuan Gong methods that primarily address body and Qi (energy). These methods are most effective when learned and practiced sequentially – in the order shown here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Safety is of the utmost importance to Yuan Gong and its creator, Yuan Tze. Practicing Yuan Gong along with other forms of Qigong could result in Qi disturbance – potentially causing harm to one's physical and mental health and wellbeing. If you adopt a Yuan Gong practice, you should discontinue the practice of any other style of Qigong.

Energy Gathering

(Tian Yuan)

Foundational Method
Beginner to advanced. Coordinated use of mind and body to release and unblock tensions held in the body and to gather in new, fresh energy.

Physical Aspect
Series of symmetrical, flowing movements.

Increases energy • Reduces stress and tension, especially in the neck and shoulders • Opens up the energy channels in the body • Calms the mind.

Nourishing Energy

(Di Yuan)

Foundational Method
Beginner to advanced. Standing postures and breathing directed at critical energy storage areas (Dantians) to nourish, consolidate and integrate energy stored in the body. Directs the mind to a calm, relaxed and natural state.

Physical Aspect
Held postures, graceful transitions from one Dantian to the next.

Increases energy • Strengthens the body at the muscular-skeletal level • Opens up shoulders, neck, lower back and hips • Calms and clears the mind.

Bring it Deeper

(Ren Yuan)

Foundational Method
Beginner to advanced. Coordinated flowing movements that draw on a wide range of disciplines (traditional Chinese, sports medicine and martial arts) to move energy deep into the body. Movements sequentially address the five main body parts moving from head to toe.

Physical Aspect
Beautiful, energetic, symmetrical and asymmetrical movements. Movements alternate between opening and closing, tensing and relaxing, and gathering and dispersing energy.

Improves flexibility and balance • Improves overall health and aids in preventing illness • Promotes energy flow to organs, bones and marrow and out to muscles, sinews and skin • Strengthens body/mind unification •Develops both strength and grace

Strengthen Organs

(Xia Yuan)

Foundational Method
Beginner to advanced. Aligns energy and intention. Uses the mind, sound, color and movement, including mouth positions and hand gestures to direct energy to each organ. Practiced in a free, natural, light and joyful state, the body moves, relaxed and unrestricted..

Physical Aspect
Rounded graceful movements. Sequential focus on moving and manipulating specific parts of the body.

Strengthens the functioning of organs • Promotes the transformation of organ Qi (energy) • Strengthens the unification of body, Qi (energy) and mind

The Yuan Gong methods that primarily address the heart and mind. These methods can be practiced in any order, or even concurrently.

Opening the Heart

(Tong Yuan)


Thought Patterns

(Ling Yuan)


A Bright Life

(Ming Yuan)