How Does an Online Retreat with Yuan Tze Work?


A Ren Xue online retreat with world-renowned life cultivation teacher and healer Yuan Tze is a unique experience. It can be the beginning of a powerful inner transformation with long-lasting positive effects on your own life and those around you. 


What Can I Expect from a Retreat with Yuan Tze?

You can expect a very special experience of being supported by a powerful Qifield (energy field) that nourishes your body, mind, heart and spirit and creates strong momentum for transformation and healing.


You will learn how to:

  • Reconnect to your heart 
  • Balance your mind, body, heart and spirit 
  • Experience peace and calm from a very deep place inside
  • Activate your self-healing abilities
  • Uplift your health and well-being


Benefits of REN XUE retreats:

  • Opportunity to ask questions directly to Yuan Tze
  • Learn and practice Qigong methods and meditations


Renewal and Change

Yuan Tze created REN XUE, a wisdom and life cultivation system that includes innovative Yuan Qigong healing methods to help practitioners achieve:

  • greater health 
  • happiness
  • sense of wellbeing
  • realization and wisdom 

Your body, Qi (life force), mind, heart and spirit will be nourished through optional daily Qigong practice followed by Yuan Tze’s transformative teachings and healing sessions. This retreat offers you tools for realizing your full potential and finding greater freedom in your daily life.


Connect with a Global Community

Although it is an online retreat you will be supported by a dedicated and open-hearted global community. There are opportunities to interact with fellow participants throughout the day. During daily Tea&Qi sessions led by experienced Ren Xue teachers, you will have the possibility to connect and exchange ideas. Sharing experiences can be incredibly helpful to deepen your understanding of the teachings and open the possibility of meeting new friends across the world.




Learning from Yuan Tze

Learning from Yuan Tze is a unique experience. His talks carry powerful information infused with immense wisdom, unconditional love, and compassion. Yuan Tze shares his teachings in Chinese, while his wife and interpreter Melissa translates into English. It doesn’t take long to get used to this way of learning and to feel the immense benefit of slowing down and allowing yourself time to really feel and process the depth of information. Yuan Tze’ s primary way of teaching is through a deep heart-to-heart transmission, so most participants do not just listen to his teachings, but also feel the information and transformation happening inside. Connecting with an open heart to Yuan Tze and the extraordinary wisdom he conveys can deeply touch your life and initiate profound changes. His remarkable teachings are based on an in-depth knowledge of ancient wisdom culture including Daoism, Confucianism, Qigong, Buddhism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, I-Ching philosophy, Feng Shui, Taiji, Bagua and Martial Arts and often provide answers you could not find anywhere else in the world.



Question & Answers during the Retreat

Some retreats will be conducted mainly through a Q&A format, and registrants are invited to submit questions to Yuan Tze. He will answer all questions in a way that will inspire and be relevant to everyone.

Qigong Retreat


Cultivating and Opening the Heart

The heart plays an important role in the retreat process and you will be given tools to open, purify and reconnect to your heart. Yuan Tze gently guides us to use our pure hearts to manifest wisdom and uplift life from a very deep place.


The Power of the Qifield

The retreats are supported by a very special and loving Qifield (energy field or environment) that nourishes everyone in the Qifield and helps participants to heal and grow. It is such an amazing experience to feel and connect with this very special global Qifield while sitting at home.


Activate your Self-Healing Abilities

Healing also plays a big part in Yuan Tze’ s work and during the retreats. There are several Qi healing sessions where Yuan Tze transmits powerful Qi and information for healing and realization. Tension and negative emotions can be cleared during a healing and a beautiful feeling of oneness and clarity can be experienced. Amazing healing stories happen all the time during these retreats.


To find out more about ou upcoming events, please click here.


Daily Schedule and options to participate

No matter where you are in the world, wether you join us live or watch or listen to the recordings at your leisure, there will be 3 different sessions available for you to join each day:

  1. Yuan Tze’s Teaching, daily live sessions from 2 -5:30 PM PST
  2. Global community Yuan Qigong Practice, daily from 11-12 PM PST
  3. Tea & Qi community gathering, daily at 8AM or 6 PM PST

You will get limitless life-time access to the video and audio content.



If you are new to REN XUE and Yuan Tze’s unique way of teaching or if you encounter any challenges along the way, there will be a global team of qualified REN XUE teachers to support you.


We invite you to join Yuan Tze and the global REN XUE community in the Qifield of change and growth!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Chris Dunaway at

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