How to manifest with Qigong?


You watched The Secret and followed the directions perfectly, but your million dollars and that Tesla still haven’t appeared. Why? In the original versions of the book, Think & Grow Rich, on which the movie is based, the author tells us that the key to success is to raise our vibration. Mysteriously, the word “vibration” was edited out of later versions of the book and this critical information was lost. Here are a few tips on how to manifest with Qigong.

How to raise your vibration

Vibration is the quality of your energetic field, of your aura, of your Qifield. Your emotions broadcast the quality of your vibration. For example, guilt, depression, and anger are at a low vibrational level where energy drains from us and we attract negative circumstances. Love, gratitude, and well-being are at a higher vibrational level, attract energy and draw positive circumstances to us. If you spend most of your day irritated or anxious, sad or depressed, you are broadcasting at a negative vibrational level and making it difficult to manifest that which you desire.  

Manifesting health and happiness

By moving to a higher vibrational state and sustaining that state throughout the day, we can more easily draw to ourselves those things we desire, be it improved health, a larger apartment, if needed, or peace in the family. To get to a state of well-being, we must learn to love ourselves, forgive ourselves, value ourselves, and surrender our attachment to the cheap thrills and pay-offs that anger, victimization, and arrogance can bring. In doing so, our vibration will naturally move to a point of balance and flow. We know we’ve made progress when we have moved from hope, to belief and then to certainty in knowing that our desires will indeed come into our life.

How to manifest with Qigong

Qigong is an excellent way to improve our vibrational state and cultivate well-being. With sincere intention, a consistent practice, and a willingness to change, life can improve dramatically. Whether health, finances, family dynamics, or something else, by committing to a consistent Qigong practice you will take a giant step towards your heart’s desire.

The benefits of daily Qigong practice

Consistency is critical to success. It is better to do a 15-minute practice daily than to do a 2-hour practice on the weekend. With a daily practice, we stabilize our Qi (your energy or life force) and support our efforts to replace the negative habits and patterns of thinking and being with more positive patterns. If, following your practice, you can sit quietly for 5-10 minutes, you reinforce the benefits by familiarizing yourself with this improved vibrational state. The benefits are extended further by your effort to carry that sense of calm and well-being into every moment of your day.

Another benefit of a consistent Qigong practice is the integration of our bodies, our Qi, and our True Self. Unified, these aspects work together like a highly skilled team anticipating the next move or play in the game of life. Consequently, we begin to notice moments of serendipity and a flow appearing throughout the day. 

What is a Gong in Qigong

It can be a challenge to commit to a daily practice because our longstanding habits resist our attempts at self-cultivation. If this is the case for you, consider doing a Gong.  A Gong is comprised of ninety consecutive days of practicing the same method. Ninety days of practicing a single method (or two methods together such as Tian Yuan and Di Yuan) is greatly beneficial. In essence, with consistency and a sincere intention, our neural networks reset themselves to a higher state of being which translates to a higher vibrational level in these 90 days. Continuing a daily practice beyond the initial ninety days, compounds the benefits like interest on a savings account setting our levels of health, happiness and well-being ever higher.

Building a Qifield for your dreams

Does a gong sound like a tall order? Maybe it’s not as challenging as you imagine. Start by building a Qifield to support your intention. Marsha Moore’s excellent blog on "How to Manifest Your New Year’s Resolutions" can help inspire and direct you in this endeavor. Once established, refresh that Qifield daily, adding Qi and new information as things develop. If you start now, you can catch the boost of energy that launches the new year. Let the Year of the Water Rabbit bring you the blessings of growth and great good fortune!

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